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Thread: Eq/sust/winny

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    I am running a eq/sust/winny cycle and i seem to be getting some mad headaces but they only seem to come on after the winny shots does any one out there have any idea what might be causing this

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    It could be that the winny is raising your blood pressure and in turn causing the headaches. I had a problem with nosebleeds last time i was on winny due to my bp...

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    Yes, Winny does increase your blood pressure, why not trying to drink it instead of injecting see if that makes a difference. That way you can lighten or split your doses up, it could be simply that you are taking to much at one time. I take about 70 mg a day of winny if I take a whole 50mg pill I will get a head ache, but the pump is unbelievble.

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