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    good mass cycles

    im running 10 week cycle - 500mg test ethanate /wk
    400mg eq /wk
    40mg dbol for first 4wks

    PCT -1500ui HCG wk for 3weeks

    Clomid -300mg day 1, 200mg rest week, 100mg for 3 wks

    Anyone else got any good mass cycles post em!

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    looks pretty good-fairly safe and definately's one i'm gonna do in the near future-i'm young so i like to stay at the lower end of the dose range on all drugs i use.
    500mg sustanon -10 weeks
    200mg primo -10 weeks
    30mg dianabol ed -first 4 weeks
    50 mg winstrol eod- last 40 days
    4 i.u. growth on monday-friday, weekends off- 10 weeks
    6-10i.u. insulin ed- first 4 weeks
    50mcg igf-1lr3 monday-friday, weekends off-last 4 weeks
    then however you want to do your pct with hcg and clomid
    cycle is fairly expensive and might look somewhat dangerous due to slin but all dosages are fairly low and no one drug is abuse therefore you get very synergistic effects without using crazy dosages and probably(i haven't tried this one yet) very minimal side effects with very good results.

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