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    Question, Help Plz!!!

    I have always wondered when is the best time to work out after an injection. Ive heard some ppl say , depending on what spot they inject, some areas can hurt up to a few hours later or even days. When do most of you normally workout after an injection, should I wait an hr then workout or should I inject on my days off? Ill be injecting 400mg eq / wkand 500mg /wk ethanate if that helps any. If any one can help that would be great!

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    You'll be fine to shoot 2cc in each glute e3d and be fine. Or the quad or delt. I hit mine after the workout because I work out in the morning. Injection time is more of a personal preference, IMO. try out different times and see what works for ya. Prop is usually one of the more painful things to shoot, along with tren acetate. Esterless water based AAS also hurt like a bitch from what I've heard. Usually, the longer the ester, the less amount of pain you experience post injection. Massage the area you injected into so that the oil begins to disperse and scar tissue dosen't build up. This practice will help lessen the pain after an injection and scar tissue build up over time.
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