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    with your girl

    nolvadex neccessary?

    im running a cycle right now of 75 mg anadrol a day and 500 mg test a week. if i come off right will i get gyno if i dont run nolvadex ??? my buddy told me the dossage was not high enough to worry about it, but i kinda am cause i can tell i am holdin a lot of water. thanks for ur help.

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    regardless of the dosage and aas you should run some form of pct, nolva being a good one. Even if you ran it at low doasges.

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    bro your an idiot if you listen... its your chest not his so why listen ... not only is it a neccesity but with something like anadrol your nips will start to feel like you have cloths pins on them 2 weeks after you cycle ends dont listen just go through the pct

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