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    is 200mg enough Deca to help with joint pain?

    I am about to start a 10 week cycle of 400mg wk cyp and 400mg wk eq. I am considering adding Deca because I always have joint pain in my shoulder and elbow. I always take a healthy dosage of glucosamine, chondroitan, and msm, but they don't seem to do a whole lot for me. I've never used deca before, and I'm only going to add the deca for the joint pain, and I was wondering if 200mg wk would be enough.

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    I started my cycle with 300mg test\200deca and have had a real improvement in joint pain. I have some arthritis and it is 75% better. I'm still on cycle, we will see what happens when I come off.

    For me - 200mg worked

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    try it without

    i think that the water you retain from the test cyp might be enough to loosen your joints anyway,so adding deca may help some ,but you might not need it,id try the cycle the way you have it,if you experiance joint pain ,sayu halfway thru you cycle,then add deca,but IMO,you wont need it,plus you wont know if you dont try,lol,so run the cyp and eq,then see,theres always next time
    ps,i have some pains in my joints also,so i know how bad it can suck,my elbows creak like a old back door,but like i said youll never know if you dont need it ,unless you try it with out the deca
    my 2ccs

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