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    took my 1st shot 2day,,

    i jus took my 1st shot today, im takeing 750 ml of test c and 550 eq, im mixingin up between 2 shots, on monday and thurs mondays is 2cc's of test and 1cc of eq in my right glute and on thurs 1cc of test and 1.5cc's of eq in my right thigh, 1st shot went good a little leaked out after the shot but im assuming thats normal, i did a cycle about a yr ago and got huge but i didnt finish strong and lost most, now i have everything i need and im planning on doing even better, most people say that ur 1st cycle is ur learning cycle that u learn from for ur rest so u dont make the same mistakes, right now im 240 with 25% bf, and ill keep u guys posted on my gains,,

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    In my opinion you are overdosing it, considering you haven't had anything for a year and your receptors are fairly fresh. Not to mention it's only your second cycle. I'd drop your Test to 500mg/wk and Eq to 400mg/wk for 12-15wks. It's not too late to do so since you just started. Also, at 25%BF you'd better watch your diet or you're gonna be a blimp. Goodluck with the cycle.

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