Going to thailand very soon just want to ask a couple of questions.

Has anyone stayed in thailand for a long period of time for a juice holiday say a couple of courses? WHats the easiest way of getting across the border to one of the neighboring countries to get your visa extended like another 30 days stamped. Can you go by train or plane? Do you need a visa to cross over to one off the neighboring countries if so where do you apply for the Visa and how much does it cost?

I am going over to thailnd soon and hopefully staying for 6 months but have to cross the border every 30 days to get my visa renewed and get another 30 days, is their an easier way. Anyone know which part of Thailand is the cheapest for living?

I read in some threads that some chemists sell dodgy gear can anyone tell me what is the best part in Thailnd to by AAS otc

Thanks alot