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    somewhere in HELL !!!

    Take a look to this cycle...any recomendation,welcome.!!!

    Im thinking in my nex cycle something like this;

    1-15 Eq 600/week
    1-15 T,Enant 750/week
    1) Now in thinking to add some Dbol ,but when,how many and for how long?
    2) Should i change the Eq for Deca 300 also a 600mg/week?
    If anyone think to modify this cycle in any ways let me know.
    This is my 4th cycle,197 lbs,36 y/o, bf=? work-out 6 on 1 off.
    Nolva,Clomid,Proscar...ready Thanks to all...!

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    i'd do 400mg eq. i'm fixin to do 25mg d-bol 5on/2off for 4 weeks(running slin with it at 7i.u. 5on/2off. that comes out to 100 d-bols. if i wasn't running the slin i'd get 200 and run 30mg ed 'til they ran out(about 33 days or so)

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    Looks ok. If you wanna add dbol , go like weeks 1-4 to kickstart it at 40mgs daily. Leave the equipoise where it is, less bloat. Unless you have joint problems then maybe deca . But the Dbol will make you hold water enough so I'd favor equipoise.

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    what are your goals, that is the question. also, 6days wk training is a bit much. go for 3or 4 IMO, 5 is even a bit much.

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    put the test a week or two longer and if your looking for alot of mass and water add deca and d-bol. other than that ill be running the same cycle next in the near future

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    currently running dbol , teste and eq. start dbol weeks 1-4 @50mg run your test 2 weeks longer than eq. i like eq more than deca , eq gives me an appetite and good pumps.

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