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    My new cycle....

    I have almost dialed in my new cycle and here it is

    wks 1-6 100 mg prop EOD
    wks 1-6 75 mg Tren Ace EOD
    wks 1-6 55 mg winny EOD
    wks 1-6 1000 i.u. HCG 2x/wk

    I plan on HCG throughout PCT along with clomid. Whata you guys think???

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    Cycle questions:

    why 6 weeks?
    why hcg in the cycle of this duration?
    why no anti-E or AI??
    why winny EOD?

    PCT questions:

    Why no AI to to counter the elevation of estrogen tru the use of hcg?
    Why no nolva?

    What's the rationale?

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