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    clen on cycle???

    im thinking of runnin low clen dosages on my next cycle. it is gonna be 12 weeks of test e 500 mg/week 5 weeks od 35 mg/day dbol 10 weeks of deca @ 300 mg/week and 7 weeks of winny at 50 mg/day the winny is at the end and d bol is at the begginning. i was thinking of runnin anywhere from 40 to 80 mcg of clen a day for the last 5 weeks. would this be good with the winny at the end or should i9 wait til after th cycle to use it? also i have a friend on clen right now and he said its helpin him get stronger. is this compound anabolic or is he blowin smoke?

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    he's blowin smoke. i'm sure he's gaining some strength, but it's not a highly androgenic compound
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    12 weeks w/o giving ur liver a break?

    rethink that bro

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