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    2 Months into Lifting

    Gentlemen, I am in the Army so i cannot do any "Real Gear" but about 32 days ago i took 19Nor3Andro, and gained 11 pounds.... I am about to start Paradeca/Devar for a 4wk cycle. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this stuff, and if they made any quality gains from it. thanks..."Rangers lead the way"

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    bro thats amezing u gained 11 lbs it must of been the magic kind ,or in your head meaning that u trained harder and eat more therefor growing from that not cuase of that crap.alot of people dont get 11 lbs from real cycles.that stuff is a waste of money but hey IF it works for U then go for it.

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    Two months into lifting--most of the gains were porbably from getting into lifting and not the quasi-steroids .

    If that stuff was so good, why would anybody be doing illegal substances?

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    ajax i could not have said it any better

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    so u got andro as soon as u started working out? whats the point?

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