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    hospital visit while on cycle?

    Well Im starting to get worried, I havent gotten any help in the injury forum Lower back pain, cant walk or stand and I am considering going to the hospital to get checked out. It's been a few days now and I feel no better today than I did the day the pain first started. I just dont want to have to mention my usage while there, also Im unsure (pardon my ignorance) if you can see my test-e injection in my ass on an x-ray. I definitely wouldnt want to get bloodwork done. If anyone could help a bro out it'd be really appreciated. I JUST did my week 8 injection and I would hate to have to stop here, cause Im just starting to make some good progress/gains. As an update to my injury post tho, I have been taking two robaxacet's and two ibuprofens at once, and that seems to help and allow me to do movement that I normally couldnt. Mind you I woke up this morning with a leather tongue and wide open raw sinus'. Dry as a motherfvcker. Thanks for hearin me out.

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    Drink water for the dryness, you may be dehydrated somewhat... For the back pain, go to the doctor... Tell him about the weights, more than likely he will give test you to make sure you did not pull a muscle. If all checks out you will be given some pain relievers and muscle relaxers. Continue on the anti-inflamitories(motrin, advil) and if you are on orals stop those for awhile. The doctor will probably tell you not to lift for awhile, just do things that will not affect your back when you can get to the gym. It also sounds like you were not using good form and too much weight for those rows.

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