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    Anadrol question

    Just curious how long it is before most of you see the effects of anadrol start to really physically show? Dosage 100mg/day split am pm

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    THE CROW is offline Associate Member
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    Jun 2005
    About 1-2 weeks. I think it's mostly water weight though.

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    Canada me2,eh..
    I started to get the pumps around week 2. Drol is great. Starting a cycle Jan 1 and kicking it up with Drol 150/ed. I love the stuff.

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    real quick my friend

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    i will let u know next week... i heard some ppl feel pumps in the 4th day or so. ask quick as it comes is as fast as it goes...

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    i've used it before when i was younger and i firmly believe anadrol is a shit drug. alot of steroid "gurus" share this same belief. very hard on your body-it'll completely **** up your blood pressure and cholestoral. hard on liver. my friend took anapolans and went crazy while he was on 'em. maybe it was just the anapolans, but i'd much rather take d-bol. 100mg is too much. 50mg will help you gain as much as you want-and then some. if i ever took it again i'd only do 50mg a day for about 25-30 days.

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    I would say by the end of week two I am up about 6-8 lbs . That stuff blows me up and at 100mgs a day you should be an animal. I get super strong on 50mgs. Of coarse it is along with test or tren ...Best GET BIG drug around if its real..

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    2,090 1 or 2 weeks you should see some result but most is water retention.Be ware of acne most in chest and back.

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