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Thread: Acne help

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    Acne help

    Hey guys I heard that finasteride reduces acne and bacne, how effective is it? Does anyone know of anything else that would help with this problem?

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    I've been using this stuff from zapzyt the body wash and natures cure body acne spray and that has really been working for me. I had it really bad on my back

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    If it's Test induced this is your lucky on.
    I'm suprised my man Jayhova16 hasn't responded to this yet. We specialize in curing this ailment...

    That solution is complements of Hooker, source:

    Forget the acne soaps. Wash your back with Nizoral Shampoo (no, really). This is really weird, but that shampoo (the chemical in it is Ketoconazole) is a topical anti-androgen but it's effects are limited to the skin/scalp unless you take the pill form (or drink the shampoo). The results indicate that oral intake of itraconazole will result in therapeutic levels in the skin and these levels vary, depending on the region of skin tested. There are at least three routes of delivery of oral ketoconazole to the skin:

    1. Passive uptake by keratinocytes in the basal layer

    2. Excretion through the sweat glands

    3. (The important one) A massive excretion through the sebaceous glands

    Sebum levels compared with the plasma levels are very high, even with oral ingestion, which prompted researchers to simply create a shampoo from the base chemical, to prevent androgenic alopecia (balding). There is almost no effective plasma level to cause an anti-androgenic effect in your body when you topically apply it.

    I figured out that it would prevent acne, when I had some acne on my forehead during my first cycle (8 years ago when I was 19y.o.). I had been using Nizoral to prevent hairloss...anyway, you always get some shampoo on the top of your forehead when you wash your hair, and I noticed only that area was free of acne...sooo... long story short, I started using it as a topical acne treatment and my steroid -induced acne cleared right up. I guess that was my first real theory having anything to do with anabolics or whatever. Then a few years ago, I actually looked for validation on my theory, and found it...this study examines the pill form, but the shampoo is the same active ingredient, and won't have a noticable systemic effect, but rather will have a localized one wherever you apply it (to your bacne in this case).

    Int J Tissue React. 1988;10(2):111-3.

    The effect of ketoconazole on sebum secretion in patients suffering from acne and seborrhoea.

    De Pedrini P, Rapisarda R, Spano G.

    Clinica Medica Generale e Terapia Medica Institute, La Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy.

    Ketoconazole, an imidazolic antimycotic derivative, has proved to have an antiandrogenous effect, which may be observed to inhibit the adrenal and gonadal steroid synthesis. The authors wished to verify this effect of the drug in men and women suffering from acne and seborrhoea, conditions believed to indicate a heightened androgenous effect in the sebaceous gland. They aimed to do this by studying the cutaneous sebum, which is considered a reliable indirect indicator of androgenous activity. They found a statistically significant decrease in the rate of sebum production in all patients administered with a single daily oral dose of ketoconazole (200 mg). Moreover no untoward side-effects were reported. The anti-androgenous property of ketoconazole would therefore suggest that the drug could be proposed as a useful alternative in the treatment of acne and seborrhoea.

    PMID: 2972661 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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    A product containing Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide will work best. I have found sunbeds greatly help with bacne.

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    Use like some dial dishwashing soap it will help allot. sunbeds do help as well.

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