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Thread: preloaded pins

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    preloaded pins

    I preloaded pins w/ deca and sus for my last cycle, and ended up doing an 8 week instead of 10 week. ( i got sick and could'nt workout so i cut it short) I have 2 pins left over and its been about 6 or 8 months. are they still good or should I toss 'em ??? I could work em into my current cycle nicely but I dont want to take any chances. whatcha think? Thanks Skid

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    In theory they are fine. Personally I would chuck them out!! Better to be safe than sorry when you are sticking this stuff deep into a muscle!

    Anyway its only 2 pins! Lose them! If you get another cycle you dont need them and on their own they are no good so..... be safe!

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