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    dbol test prop and winny help !!!!!! please

    hey im takeing dbol and winny and test and im finding myself gettin harder but lookin a little bit puffy shape wise can anyone help ??? 6 dbol per day one ml of winny every day and 2ml of test once a week im 12 stone 511 useing propeptide aswell

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    Yes,those are my legs
    With water retention issues?


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    By dropping the D-bol you'll drop the water that giving you that "puffy shape" plus that will cut out 1 of the 2 17aa's you're running. More importantly hows the diet? That may be part of the culprit as well.........

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    im 12 stone
    This may sound stupid, but could someone convert that measurement for me. I don't know how to convert it.

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    1 stone is 14 lbs. . .so 12 stones is 168 lbs.

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