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    Been looking around..w/in>>>

    Hello all,
    I have been looking around for a legit supplier. No luck as of yet. I know that you have to earn trust with those on here. I cannot think of anything else to post. On another site I was told to start off with TEST E 250/500mg for my first cycle along with an anti-estrogen since I am a beginner.
    Just so many out there. I looked at a scammer list and compaired all day today. I took off of work to look after my step-daughter who has the flu. While she was asleep I go on and now my eyes are about to burst.
    I want my muscles to burst. I email my best friend who is a personnal trainer in Indianapolis. I am waiting on him to get back. Anyway, thank for all of the other post out there. All this information is AWSOME.

    My stats: 5ft.7in., 195lbs+, Age:30, tons of fat (about 25% according to the fat monitor scale. I know that it is not a good source)around the middle and substancal muscle loss.

    Haven't worked out in over 6 months due to a motorcycle accident. Been in the gym over 6+yrs before that. I am counting on my muscle memory as well.
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    correct, start with the test cycle.... glad you recovered from the accident bro, and good luck with the cycle

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