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    New on the seen,I think i got a Great cycle to do.

    Hi everyone, I put a deca + win up and lots of people shot it down. THANKS For the Useful Info. So i saw this and thought it might be good. Let me know your thoughts. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS MY FIRST CYCLE.

    Weeks 1-8

    Test enanthate ( british dragon) 250mg twice a week - Mon&Thurs for example

    Deca (Decabol - british dragon) 250mg twice a week - Mon

    Tamoxifen (britishdragon) 20mg every day

    Weeks 11

    Clomid post cycle therapy as follows

    day 1 6 x 50mg tablets
    day 2-10 2 x 50mg tablets
    day 11-21 1 x 50mg tablets

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    Why just 8wks bro test E start to kick in in wk 4 or 5 so you wont get much out of it go with 10wks or 12wks make it like this

    1-12 test E 500mg 250mg mon/250mg thurs

    1-10 Deca 400mg ew

    1-12 nolva 10mg ed <--go with 10mg & see how you respond to it

    always make your test dosage higher than other compounds because of the suppressive nature of deca

    good luck,

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    extend it.atleast 10-12 weeks

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