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Thread: Gyno?

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    I am in the middle of my third cycle of tren e and test e. Anyways the cycle is going great...but I think I might have a slight case of gyno. When my nipples are soft they become slightly puffy but have been the same since about i was 14 or 15. However I cant feel any lumps under my nipples and they arent sore or itchy? When they become hard they look fine? Would it possibly be some fat underneathe? Its not getting worse as my cycle goes on.

    I was wondering what I could take to make the puffyness go down. I am currently taking 20mg/day of nolva. and was thinking of taking letro after my cycle to see what happens. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Im taking letro at 2.5mg ed for 5-6 weeks I'll tell ya how it goes I'm in week 4 and..Nothing yet

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    I would run the letro. Sounds like you have natural puberty gyno, so I would run full dose of anti-e and pct to be on the safe side. Be careful if they become sore or you feel any lumps.....gyno is like herpes (IMO), once you have it, you have may go away for a while, but it will almost always come back to a greater extent. Luckily I have only experienced one of these (gyno that is).
    Good Luck

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