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    yellow 10mg dbol?

    I have some round yellow tabs marked L535 on one side and off center. My source who's reliable thus far said they are dbol 1o mg. The only info I can find that comes close refers to aspirin, which I don't believe this is. I have been eating like crazy Im on my 4th day of 60 mg per day. I found another site where someone was asking about them said they were told they were a strong form of dbol too? I wan't to know what they are. I would discontinue use, but they seem to be working. Can anyone help me? here is a pic.

    http://forums.steroid .com/attachment.php?attachmentid=61774&stc=1&d=11379560 91[/URL]
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails yellow 10mg dbol?-livingroomdrunkboxing-027.jpg  
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    Never heard of any Dbol with any markings like that...
    But without a picture, there isn't much anyone can do
    to help you or give you an opinion... Put up a good Pic
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    Plus with Dbol you'll start feeling a really improved pumped after
    a week or two at the most, especially at 60mg ED, if you're not
    feeling that then you don't have Dbol bro

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