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    What do you think about my first cycle?

    23 years old, 4 years training. 5' 10", 230 pounds, around 10 % bf.
    A former champ in my country is telling me how to eat, how to train, and now he is planning my first cycle. I have been searching on the net and I dont know what to do. He made this one:
    - Sustanon : 500 mg / week, injecting monday and thursday
    - Deca : 500 mg / week, injecting at the same time
    - Winstrol : I think he told me 5 tablets / day
    Everything during 10 weeks.
    Are these too doses, too drugs? What would you change? Any experiences? What are the expected gains, water retention, side effects...?
    Thanks in advance.

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    for your first cycle, all you really need is test only. If you stack multiple compounds on your first cycle and you start getting sides, you wont know which one caused it. 10 weeks of winny is too long. Most run it 6 weeks max. What are you planning for PCT? I noticed you didnt mention it or mention if you were going to take an anti e during cycle? This is one of the most important issues with taking steroids correctly

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