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    question on gains

    ok as i stated a million times before my cycle is this
    weeks 1-14 test e 500 mg ew
    weeks 1-13 eq 600 mg ew
    weeks 1-7 tbol 75 mg ed
    weeks 8-16 var 60 mg ed
    weeks 1-20 nolva 20mg ed
    weeks 1-20 a dex .50mg ed
    16-20 clomid 100mg ed
    maybe hcg mid cycle and last 10 days at 1000iu ed

    my question is this iv never had test in a cycle before so with proper training cardio and diet what will my gains look like, an estimate obviously nobody can pin point, but what should i expext to see also anyone ever do test e and eq together?? if so what were your results and maitaining your gains

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    No body can answer this question. It depends on you genetics, how well you eat and workout during the cycle. I have seen guys put on 5lbs and I have seen guys put on 30lbs on similar cycles.

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