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    New User why am i not seeing any results?

    I have done 3 weeks of sust first week 250mg, second week and third week 500mg and i am on 2 weeks of EQ 400mg, and I only gain 5-6 pounds. How long does sust start to kick in? And how long does EQ take to kick in? AM I being impatient or am I not reacting good to it?


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    usually 4 weeks is when people start to feel it really "kick in". be patient and keep lifting heavy and eating correctly. if your stuff is not fake you will definitely feel it by week 4. if you aren't feeling anything by week 5 then I would worry. For me, test creeped up until I really noticed that I was "changing", then the real fun begins. good luck, what does your cycle look like?

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    Well eq at 400mg/week is never going to 'kick in'. I would say you should start to notice something in a couple more weeks as long as you keep your test at 500mg. If you drop it back to 250mg, your gains will be as disappointing at the end as they are now.

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