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Thread: Deca dosage?

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    Question Deca dosage?

    This is going to be my second cycle (if you can call my first one a cycle) i took half a cycle(100) of dbol ...gained about 9 lbs though.....rite now i have 100 more dbol...20 amps of sus and 20 cc of russian deca ... my question is how should i inject it ... meaning same pin or should i seperate the two and shoot them into two different spots ... i am planning on doing spot injections on the upper body. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    same pin is fine.. spread it out.. (1cc deca , 1cc sus SUNDAY/Wensday)

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    hey bro,

    I don't have much time, but I'm going to bump this for you. Give your stats, workout experience, goals, etc. and some of the guys can share advice with you. Also, give the strength (mg's per ml (cc)) of the gear you have so that there aren't any misunderstandings. Also make sure you have your anti-e's and clomid. Good luck.



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    im 20 years old 5'7" 160lbs ... im really lean so i dont mind having a trade off between leaness and mass (is leaness a word haha) all i want to do really is to put on 20+ lbs ... i have been trainig heavily for about 2 1/2 years. Thanks again ... oh and one more thing ... the deca is only 100 mgs ... im pissed about that ... what does that change?

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    do sus at 2 amps per week for 10 weeks--only inject in quad or rear as sus hurts
    do dbol at 5 per day for 20 days which is 25mg per day
    the deca should be run at 400mg per week-you dont have enough--do 2 ccs per week which is 200mg but you will only get a small effect from that or drop to 3ccs per week for 7 weeks for bigger effcet --your choice
    you can mix in same pin
    where was you spot injecting at--may be painful with this gear

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