I've one cycle after me (npp with test). Low doses, but it was ok. Now i'm 95kg, 188cm, bf seems low, but i cant hardly mantain it on this level (i'm a typicall endomorph... well, i used to be for over 17yrs or so, so i hope u understand ;] ). I'd like to do some lean mass cycle, maybe a bit cutting in the end. I enjoyed prop v. much (did max 100mg eod). I have problems with adding muscle without too much fat without gear (yep, lame ). What would you advise for me? I keep my diet in check all the time, it's low carb (200-250g carb/day), i've cut down the highGI carbs out (even after training, i use some fact-acting protein before and after training and eat complex carbs after workout - it works).
I've consider sthing like this :
1-11 eq 300/400mg (you like boldeone? can anyone share experience with it?)
1-14 testosterone (i would like to use propinate, but ouch... it's gonna hurt - still gonna consider it).

I've also some winstrol in shelf - may come in handy?
2nd idea (my mates advice)
1-8 prop 100mg e2d
1-8 winny 30mg ed oral or inject 50mg e2d, harsh on liver?

i've also did some thinking about dbol + proviron + prop. If i keep my diet cool, will i be able to get solid gains and keep bf on the same level? Cutting it down would be wonderful Advise plz, regards