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    UltraTest 250 instead of Sustanon?

    The local HRT doc told a friend of mine from the gym that he is no longer prescribing sust due to various baseball/media attn. He is however prescribing UltraTest 250 instead (his office is right on top of a compounding pharmacy). Apparently UltraTest is a blend of Prop,Enanth,and Cyp (although Im unsure the percentage of each).
    My question is.. if you only want to run 500mg of test weekly-- is injecting every 3 or 4days going to be sufficient considering the short life of the Prop?
    If you run 500mg of UltraTest and 200mg of Deca weekly-- do you think the gains will be comparable to using Sust in similar doseages?

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    if you want to take advantage of the prop you will have to inject atleast EOD. For your second question you should the same gains off the Sust or ultratest assuming both are dosed as labeled. test is test no matter the label. If their is a difference in the amount of each ester per ml it might only make a very slight differnce in gains

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    Is it like this...
    Propionate 50mg, Cypionate 100mg, Enanthate 100mg?

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    I was offered ultratest from my doc instead of cyp or enan but I declined because you would need to inject at least eod to take advantage of having prop in mix, and if you were going to inject eod then you might at as well just use straight prop... I chose cyp and havent looked back, loving it....

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