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    New cycle question looking for great gains

    Hi my last cycle was
    50mg winny week 1-4
    250 sustanon 1-4
    Tren 100mg ED 1-8
    I know this dosent look like a good cycle but I gained about 15lb and havent lost shit yet although I dont look quite as hard because this cycle made me look SICK at 176lb actually have gotten alot stronger on my lifts 1 month out. Thank god for PCT

    Anyway I want to do a new cycle this would be my second with in 5 years. I was thinking about running straight 600mg of test ethnate for 1-10 weeks. My main question is would this be ok to stimulte growth because finn is 3 times anabolic as test wondering if 600mg of test would be effective after this cycle. Was maybe thinking about running some test and deca
    Test E 1-10 400mg per week
    Deca D 1-10 250mg would
    maybe some Finn 50mg just for a little kick.
    What are you guys thoughts?
    Thanks in advance!

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    i think most would agree run the deca for atleast 12 weeks and run the test past the deca for pct. also 250mg deca seems low to me....? I'd shoot for more like 500mg test and 400mg deca

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    I wouldn't agree w/ that. I run deca for 6 week runs @ 300mg per week w/ great results. but I will agree w/ running the test longer. I'd let the deca shots be a little heavy so it runs out before the test runs out. and I don't recommend running finn. trenbolone yes but finn no. run it for the first 6 weeks.
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