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    Depresion post ephedrine how to treat it?

    Hello I know this is not a steroid question but I would like some feed back I ma suffering from depresion post ephedrine.I ve be using it on and off for almost one year can anyone help me with some suggestion or some feed back I also have obssesional thoughts and a deep state of sorrow.
    Thank you guys

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    Welcome to withdrawl man. What I would suggest is that you taper down SLOWLY over a month or so's time. How much were you taking? And how often? I'll be glad to try to help.

    This will be unpleasant regardless, more so if you were really abusing it. I had this problem with caffiene, still do to an extent. The best solution is to cut down 5mg's a day every 3 days, even slower for some people. The key is NEVER to up the dose, no matter what. There are times when it may "seem" ok to take another tab, but that is what got you where you are today.

    Take care,


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