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    Question Injection question.....

    I am starting my fourth week, and I have a question. Can anyone please tell me if there is a certain technique that will keep gear from leaking out of the injection site immediately after the pin is removed? I don't think it is a lot, but if I can keep it from happening, all the better! Thanks.

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    a little will follow the pin out everytime bro, its no big deal, and, other than putting your finger over the hole as fast as you can after taking the pin out, there is no way to stop it.

    i use a 23 gauge, 1inch pin for nearly everything. for water based gear i use a 25G 1 inch.

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    BK, I dig the new avatar. Arms are badass!

    Gman, I use a 25g 1" everywhere but the glutes and there I use a 23g 1.5", Very rarely do I leak. Maybe trying to inject a little slower to help distribution would help?


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