Anyone use the lipo? If so did you ever notice a irregular heart beat on it and if so did you notice it on any other ECA's or stimulants? The one thing I am paranoid about when it comes to OTC fat burners is heart rate and heart beat. I just started taking the lipo yesterday at the min dose (3 tabs ed) and notice that everytime I do anything (even just walking up the stairs) my heart beat is a bit fast and irregular? Nothing drastic, the rate is nothing much (96-100BMP), just the same as anything stimulant for me but the beat is off it seem. Insted of lub/dub, lub/dub, lub/dub, lub/dub its kinda like lub/dub, lub/dub, dub/dub, lub/dub, lub/dub, lub/lub/dub then after a few secounds its back to normal (if this makes sence....lmao) Just seems to be skipping and shit and I havent had that before. I might stop it and stick to things I know, like clen and

I am on anavar 30mg, winny 100mg and EQ 600mg as well but this is the first time I have had this and wanted to see if anyone knew what it was or has had the same thing?