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    Anyone have experience with ** deca???

    i trie dto search the board to see if anyone posted abotu this alreayd but for some reason it wouldnt work, i apologize if this is a repeat thread....i was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with **deca , dosed at 300mg.....i know how many of you feel on this board about **'s oil, but i have spoken toa lot of peopel who have gotten good results from some of his other oils, specifucally his eq. so if anyone has any info for me it would be greatly apreciated, thanks guys. stay large.

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    There seems to be alot of controversy surrounding this line of stuff. It's the underground lab in China thing. Apparently the juice is fine as far as strength goes. There apparently have been a large number of folks getting infections from it. The conditions under which it is made is not anywhere near the standards any human grade product would have to meet. They ship it out in big bottles and resellers end up re-bottling it for resale, often not quite so properly. Apparently the US government has targeted this product line for elimination from the black market for this very reason. Why do you think the letters are blocked on this board? The stuff is cheap and works but it carries a higher degree of risk.

    300mg/wk (1 ml) is fine for most people. I personally would do 400mg/wk and I personally would prefer another line of decathat comes from Greece. Good luck!

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    G-S Guest
    I've done it, didn't like it. Don't care for any of his oils.

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    i just got done with 10 week cycle of qv deca at 300mgs a week and i got good gains.

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    hammerhead you have no idea what yout talking about pal. your very wrong with your post. his products are fine. im on them right now. up 6lbs in 2.5 weeks. as for his deca i havent done it. im on his dbol and cyp right now.

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    They aren't as dirty as they used to be but I would still heat the oils before injecting. All his products, however, have been tested and found to be quite underdosed. I think usually around 85% or so for the oils and even much less for the orals. I personally dont mind the "eye pee" orals but absolutely stay clear of the injectables.

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