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Thread: Thank You.

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    Thank You.

    Ok, now that the smoke has lifted I need to get this off my chest.
    For those of you that do not know what I am talking about just look at this post as a guy on drugs and dont read anything into this post other than a guy trying to say thank you to a great bunch of fellow bbing competitors

    For those that know what happened I need you all to know that the last few days have been very diffcult for me. I even took today off from work to recover. I know it is still going to take some time and I ask that you all allow me that time to completely recover as a fellow bbing competitor. Those of you that know me know what I am talking about.

    I need you to know that I deeply appreciate all those that stayed up late at night and earlier in the morning helping me through what was a very diffcult time. Please tell your families how much I appreciate them allowing you to spend as much time as you did helping me.

    I believe in telling others publicly if they have helped me how much I appreciate their giving of themself, their time, and showing me their compassion. To protect confeditiality I will not list any names. Just know that you did a very wonderful thing for me and I .....

    Thank You very much!

    (If this needs to be moved to the general forum I understand.)

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    I'm not moving it if you think this where the people you want to address are most likely to see it brother. I'm pretty sure I know what you are talking but don't think I was a part of it alas. Wish I could have helped. Maybe next time huh?

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    be well ap - and remember point #1!

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    I know what you are refering to. However, I am sorry I could not and did not help. I am glad to see you are feeling better. I did not want to ge tin the way, I figured you had enough hands and they wer edoing a great job ofg helping you. I and everyone else will be there if you ever need us. Take care boss....keep it real!!!!!!!!

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