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    Rookie needs help on 2nd cycle from vets.

    Hi guys, please help me with my next cycle. My first cycle was just 200 mg of deca a week,for 8 weeks. Now i am trying to add some serious bulk,i have sustanon and proviron . Please tell me what to add and how much to use in mg and weeks etc. Please keep in mind this is only my second cycle. Also, please advise on anti-estrogens.
    Thanks in advance.

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    whats your age and weight?also bro u need more then sust and proviron to put serious mass on,deca .eq,etc .example
    1-10 400 test,
    1-10 400 deca ,
    1-3 30mg dbol

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    I can get more stuff,i just don't know what to add,Deca is a bit harder and more expensive for me to find,but if i need it ill get it. I am 21 years old been training naturaly for 5 years before my first cycle which just finished last week, 7 weeks left for my second cycle. I weigh 185lbs and i'm 5'4,a little bit of fat still on me from after the cycle.

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    dude do some research you sound like you are begging for info that is already is so many other posts. HOWEVER.... like big N said... do test/deca or EQ/ dbol and you will be happy. If i were you i would lose so fat and post some pics on this site before you start your cycle. Let us know what your workout history is and let us know what you been eating. IF you want you can use clen for post therapy with clomid. I would also add 25-50mg of proviron ED and have nolva on hand.
    test 500mg 1-10
    deca/eq 400 mg 1-10
    dbol 30-40mgED weeks 1-4


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