This will be my second cycle...

Organon sus 250 500 a week for 12 weeks
GAleinka test depo 250 250 a week for 12 weeks.
30mgs ED D-bol weeks 1 thru 6

Arimedex .5mg EOD 12 weeks
Clomid 50mgs ED 12 weeks...3 weeks
Nolv 50mgs ED 12 weeks...

I know I am a gyno kid so I need to take the proper stuff.

I am 225lbs now. with 8% body fat. I am hopin to get to 250lbs. My arms are 18 3/4 to 19 inches. I hope to push them past the 21" mark in the next 12 weeks
This is just a little FYI

LAter fellas....and fellgals