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Thread: "steroid Fever"

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    "steroid Fever"

    i am so pissed right now i have been taking eq and ethanate from specrto labs and it has been 5 weeks i had to stop because for the last 7 days i have had a fever on and off all day, no energy and just feel like ass. i did some research and i found that eq will give u these symptoms cause it is vetinary. i am so pissed.

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    sorry about your bad luck bro.

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    yeah i heard you bro i suffered that too after every injection oh god pain all over the body
    and feeling like shit just wanted to stay in bed
    all the time so i went to see my doc he gave
    some pills good shit not only takes care of pain fever but also helps to spread the blood created after the injection which the lump now i take 1 before injecting no problem it's called NAPOSEN 250mg...

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    isnt the fever supposed to go away after the first couple of days?
    strange didnt happen to many of my friends , feel sorry for ya hope u get over it.

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