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Thread: Dermagain

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    I just did a small cycle of Finaplix and gained solid 10 pounds I am wondering could i take DermaGAIN would i gain anything and how much plus would it increass the side effects of juice as i just finished my cycle

    since it's not really steroids does it have to be treated as steroid with time off

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    The only thing that you will gain with that shit is debt and regrets. That stuff is the best scam running. $60 a bottle for something that probably is just ooze out of a grease trap from McDonalds. I spent $350 bucks on the DermaGAIN, Equi-bolan, Maxteron shit stack when it first came out and gained about 3 pounds. Diet and Training were perfect. Waist of time and money.....spend your money on some test or eq to go with that fina. I hope that answers your questions and keeps you from waisting your money.

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    thanx all I needed to KNOW !!!

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    True. Dont waste your money on that shit. If you are wanting to blow some money I can give you my address!!!!

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