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Thread: EQ And Deca

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    Question EQ And Deca

    I was wondering if any of you have ever considered running EQ at the same time as Deca .

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    Mar 2002
    ive heard you can but they both fight for similar receptors or work through similar mechanisms which would make both less effective...bump though

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    yes you can-- new theory on this is some people are effected by estrogen and some are effected by progestrone. since eq works off a estrogen and deca works off a progestrone you can take both producing the same results without as many sides.
    both are simular in action so instead of taking say 400mg per week of deca or 400mg per week of eq you could take 200mg per week of each with same results . if you are effected by estrogen then you can take nolvs but if progestrone effects you like it does me then there is really nothing you can take to counteract that.
    so the theory is take both at less mgs to produce the desired results without as many sides. other people have done this with good results

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    I've searched several different boards asking the same question. Most people who have combined the two have had excellent results.

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    They work good together, I have had good results. I would consider an addition of something to handle any erectile issues.

    Tapout-- great post regarding one of the biggest myths about Deca and EQ.

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