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    can blood test indicate you use AS?

    I got bit by a spider and I had to take a full blood test. I was just wondering if they would know that I juice. I think they were just checking for poisons.

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    yes it can be detec if you or your work request for it, as far as i know its a very expensive test

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    I put up a post about this just the other day, it really depends on what type of AS you are using. YOu may want to check out AR's detection times which will help you out somewhat. Here is the link:

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    Thanks for posting that Sicilian30. You saved me the trouble. This really can take the worry out of alot of questions about this particular subject as I'm sure that it has come up here more than once.

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    You don't have any worries Bro. They're only testing for the poisonous effects of the bite.

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    ill tell you this that even with standard blood tests they can tell you are on something.your blood levels on many diffrent things are going to be all screwed up.
    they will probably ask if you are taking anything.tell them you are on creatine,weight gainers,a slew of protien etc...
    they can tell exactly what you are on if they persue it but i doubt they will.
    when i did my first cycle i pulled a pec muscle,thought i was having a heart attack,went to the hospital,they drew blood and with in 20 minutes the dr came and asked if i was on somthing.i told him,what i told you and they dropped it at that,except the dr told me to get off the creatine because it is fucking me up(not his words)

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