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    working out on STEROIDS

    anyone see the article im muscle mag on how to put 1 inch on arms.
    well heres a breakdown on it.
    they are saying to do 4 sets of each,hammer curls,preacher curls,seated dumbell curls,straitbar,pulldown cable for tris,rope for tris,v-bar,forarm curls,etc... they suggest doing these all 3 days a wk.mon,wen,fri.
    ive been only working my arm(all of those) one day a wk.
    is there any bearing on what the article says or is it too much.
    please dont move this to the work out section,no-one posts there,and i know this is where the smart guys hang!
    plus i put STEROIDS in the subject line

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    Personally, I feel that is WAY too much. I have found that lowering my training volumn has increased me size. I usually do 16-20 sets per body part per week. I have since cut that back to 12-15, and have gotten better results.

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    The only thing i'd add is different types of exercises affect everyone differently. The trick (for everyone) is to constantly shock the muscles. For me once a week does just fine, when i'm on twice a week. But never more. For others its different. More or less its a trial and error thing, till you find out what works best

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    That is way to much in my opinion. Talk about overtraining. Unless you are a genetic superfreak like Arnold and can do volume training I wouldn't touch that workout. I get best results for mass on arms with one day a week.

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    yea for adding one inch on the arms, it may work but only cause your arms are soooo god damn overtrained, they are swollon out of porpotion. Not a good way to build a solid foundation. Also suppized there wasnt anything about a tri workout to get the arms 1" bigger..FOOLISH

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    it will work since you haven't been doing it up to this point. I'd do it, then go back to what you normally do... I think you will shock them and get growth. I would definitely apply this while "on." good luck plates.

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    IMO it's too much. However, not everyone is the same. I train each bodypart 3X every 2 weeks; and some 1 a week guys will say that's too much. If you try it out just beware of exhaustion symptoms, b/c then you'll know if it's too much for you.

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    I thought the rule of thumb, was you need to gain 10 pounds of LBM to add one inch to your arms. I think it would be a good shock to the muscles, but I wouldn't do it for more 2 weeks, maybe 3.


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    4 Plates, dont listen to anyone on this. If you are up to it go for it. I did it in the summer of 2000 and it totally worked. I dont know if it was the same workout but it was in the March/April issue of PUMP no. 107. It consisted of bi/tri (push/pull) supersets with the same exercises. 10 arm workouts in 30 days!
    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
    Week #1 low reps low reps
    Week #2 mod reps low reps high reps
    Week #3 low reps low reps
    Week #4 High reps low reps mod reps

    My arms got extremely hard, large, and very strong. It taxes your body though. I did it on nothing but ripped fuel and protein. If you are an endomorph you will get huge. If not I probably would stay away from it. I am no genetic freak, it worked for both my workout partner and me. Capped off with 90lbs dumbel curls (8 reps each) and 185 on straight bar for 8 reps. It was like you are 15 and working out for the first time with this new type of soreness. I could not touch that weight without that type of overtraining. I may feel different than rest but everyone is different and my body grows and looks the best with mad overtraining. Before this I worked out for about 5 years with slow gains in both growth and strength on my arms. I cannot even imagine how sweet this workout would be on AS. Also you will need a ton of sleep and total dedication for a whole month.

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    I did that same workout and gain half an inch.

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    Three days a week is incredible. However, i can see it as a shcok routine but it is def too much IMO.

    Twice a week at that routine would be suffecient
    My arms only grow with low reps, heavy weight. Everybody is different though.

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    Take 2 weeks off from bicep training, then go balls to the wall on Day 15...your freakin bi's will be pumped from rep 3 on thru out your workout and they WILL be sore like 5 days. I just did this, didnt even use heavy weight when I came back...but shit...lovin the soreness. Soreness just went away today..(Tuesday) . Worked biceps last Thurs. Weren't that sore on friday, saturday it was killer, sunday i couldnt even flex them, monday it just hurt when i flexed them, and now tuesday...they are back to their veiny selves.

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