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    cumin off slowly

    I know there is much debate about the best way of coming off AS, all with the same goal of keeping as much muscle as possible. We know that the reason for the loss in mass is largely due to the absence of natural testosterone because of the imbalance in the hypothalomohypophysial testicular axis(hta) after a cycle. what if one was to taper dosages of a long acting test(enanth) down to very small quantities over a period of say 4-6 weeks(maybe more?) in order to replicate the natural range of levels and then again lower the dosage so to be just under what would be considered normal in order the coax the bodies own production of test. Would this negate that period of time after a cycle where we are not producing test? Would it be counter-productive? I am thinking about trying this in conjuction with nolva, creatine etc(clomid is not an option as it is unavailable) and i would appreciate some feedback from you guys

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    Well, in my opinion: it sounds good in theory but in order to replicate your natural test levels you would have to do an unimaginable small doseage. from what I have read your natural test levels are much lower than 1cc of any test. So what I am interpreting is that in order for your natural test to kick back in your body has to sense that it is not getting any artificial, hence it will begin producing again. I am not very knowledgeable on this just thought I would share. Best of luck brother.

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    Re: cumin off slowly

    Originally posted by dudsy
    cumin off slowly
    It's hard to cum slowly, I usually just blast it all at once.

    Seriously though, I thought that test enth was already self tapering.

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    novla can be used in place of clomid. Check out the thread by cycleon titled "novla postcycle instead of clomid" do a search on novla.

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