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Thread: supplier book

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    jroc is offline New Member
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    Jul 2002

    supplier book

    Is the International Pharmacy Dirctory that they sell under supplier on this site any good? It said it could save you lots of money, but are the products any good or are they shitty?

    I'm paying $30 a shot for deca (200mg) and $14 a shot of test(200mg).
    Could I do better?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Pheedno is offline Respected Member
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    Apr 2002
    Miller's Crossing
    If you can get your hands on it, so can the feds. It's very likely you will not be satisfied.
    Your paying a butt load right now, but paying a butt load is better than getting a deal on the price and never getting the gear.

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    jroc is offline New Member
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    Jul 2002
    thanks for the info

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