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Common Mistakes with steroid intake

1) Use of excessive dosages

More is not always better. A lot of guys have the attitude that if 1
works well,
5 will be better, this is not the case. Higher dosages mean more side
effects such
as hair loss, liver dysfunction, acne etc. Megadoses are not
necessarily the way
to go.

2) Duration of intake is too long

When the duration of intake is too long the risk of potential side
effects is
increased and the chances of organ damage are considerable. Also the
of steroids weakens after a certain period of time.

3) Use of the wrong steroid preparations

Not all steroids are created equal. There are two types: androgenic
steroids and
anabolic steroids. The androgenic are the ones with the greatest chance
for gain,
but also the greatest chance for side effects, such as Anapolon or
Dianabol .
Anabolics on the other hand are slightly weaker and thus the chance of
effects is reduced. When planning a course take these factors into

4) Incorrect intake schedule

The way that you put your steroid course together may have an effect on
effectiveness. Try to take preparations that work synergistically, this
will mean
that better results could be obtained by using lower dosages.

5) Use of fakes

This is an obvious one, but also the most difficult to control. Most
cannot tell the difference between a fake and real steroid. Fake
steroids contain
impure and non sterile compounds.

6) Neglecting everything else

Just taking steroids alone will not make you big, your diet, rest
periods and
training need to be perfect to.

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