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    female on test ???

    i gotta question, one on my girlfriends wants to try a cycle of test, ireally dont no much about females an AS , so i told her i would find out. shes been working out for a little over a year, shes 5'7 130. so what do you guys suggest an if not test then what.


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    if you can have her join the female forum on here. don't know much about women an AS so i would have to say diet, and cardio is the trick not test bro maybe VAR

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    I would deffinitely not make Test my first choice for a woman. She should try Anavar @ 7.5-10mg/day, OR Primo 50-100mg / week maybe even EQ 50-100mg / week (the eq is more androgenic then the first 2, so that's why it's a maybe). If for some fu**ed up reason she absolutelly had to run test, which she really shouldn't, i would go with Test Propinate at 50mg / week.

    But for real Bro, get here to do the mild drugs first and see how the side effects come, and go from there.

    Good Luck...XXL

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    i dont think test is the way to go for a woman,unless if she dosent mind tripping over her clit!

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