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Thread: dbol ?

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    dbol ?

    ok im going to run 10 weeks of eq 400mg and test 400mg I was thinking of adding in some dbol for the first 4 weeks to jumpstart the cycle but I am in college and will want to have a few beers on the weekend. If I took the dbol I wouldnt drink but how much will I gain besides a ton of water with the dbol. If im not going to even look at a beer for a whole month I want it to be worth it. If it only going to puff up my face then I wont bother with it.

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    All depends on WHO you are....some blow up with water, some dont, like me.....EVeryone reacts dif.....Just remember that there IS a chnce that you will hold water...Run some arimidex ED if your worried....

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    you should be able to drink, but understand that you must drink in moderation if you are going too. I say this because you are running a 17aa oral along two other steroids and it might be tough on your liver if you drink to much. I would considor running some ala or milk thistle to help w/ liver protection.

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    If your using dbol , I wouldn't drink. Dbol is harsh on the liver and I don't want anything else to contribute to that. Its just my opinion though so do what you want.

    Good luck

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