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    can ai run proviron and liquidex together?

    quick question guys, can i run proviron and liquidex at the same time? Im am concerned with water retention (i retain water from just looking at a bottle of water ) and also the main concern gyno.

    is doing so safe and even worth it or will it reduce my potential in making gains?

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    I really don't see a purpose to running them side by side. Pick one and run it throughout. Proviron could be ran at 50mg/ED or a-dex could be ran at .5mg/ED. If you are that afraid of water retention just make sure you have enough to bump up your dosages IF needed.

    IMO these dosages should be enough to keep bloat to a minimum, unless you are using 1g + of test a week.....then femara may be a better choice.

    Hope this helps bro,

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    Yes you can run them together. The proviron at 25-50mg/ed will give you a nice boost to your sex drive. But the arimidex will be enough to get the water ret. down!

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