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    Exclamation Does gear have a better absorbtion rate in different muscles?

    Does gear have a better absorbtion rate in different muscles? I remember reading on here one time about how glute shots since the muscle was the largest tend to absorb gear better than say a delt shot. What I'm curious about is since Ive been shooting test in my glutes, I'm curious about if the absorbtion would be better or worse in my quads, since I like doing quad shots alot more. Anyone care to comment?

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    i read that article as well, glutes do absorb better.. there was some university study on how the glutes took the injection better than any other muscle group by like 60% or something like that...i dont favor glute injections, personally i like delts, but from what i read glutes are the way to of luck

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    The larger the muscle the better the absorption rate.

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