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    Question about cycle

    I am planning on doing a bulking cycle in December. Originally I planned on doing D-Bol / Test Enanthate / EQ / FINA / Winstrol in this cycle that would last 18 weeks. Now I am thinking of possibly splitting it up into two cycles. First a bulking cycle of D-Bol / Test Enanthate / Fina that would last about 14 weeks and then wait 14 weeks and start a cycle of D-Bol / EQ / Winstrol that will last about 15 weeks to get real cut and vascular and hard for the summer here on the Jersey Shore. Which do you think is better? Should I do one large cycle or the two cycle plan. Keep in mind that I am 5'11" 195lbs and I would like to get up to 210. 215, but I want to make sure that I look tight and cut for the summer. Thank you for your help. DieslLeo

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    Well i'm not all that experienced with cycles, i'm currently only on my first one (started today actually). But in my personal opinion I would have to say go with the two cycles. It seems a better idea. Also, I'm not sure about the three you got going there. DBol /EQ/Winny, I think you could use some other stuff to cut and it might work better.

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    Bulk w/ Test,D-bol, and fina.
    Cut w/ Eq,Winny,clen . You can also use Fina in this cutting cycle if you want although some might not recomend it...
    U don't wanna use d-bol on a cutting cycle bro.


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