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    AAS in the news and conflicting HCG info...

    Hey bros, I wanted to pick your brains once more. Ive read alot of conflicting info/opinions about HCG on this board. I have no personal experience with using it post cycle. Until now clomid has been the only thing available locally.

    With a 10wk program running 400Mg/wk Equipoise and 400Mg/wk test enanthate with clomid tabs at the end, is it going to be very useful to run HCG along with the Clomid? My feelings are that HCG is mainly for longer, harder cycles. Like I said though, I have never experimented with HCG so maybe Im full of shit here. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as I have read many conflicting opinions on this site.

    And to you fellow Canadians on the board... Did any of you catch the player on the Manitoba Bisons (CIS) football team turning up positive on the random test? Every news station has picked up the story, and its about the only time you will see the Canadian Univeristy athletics on mainstream sports headlines. Its disgusting how the networks cover the story, painting the guy as a cheater and the only guy in the CIS using juice, when hes not doing anything different than anybody else -except that he got caught.


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