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    Meauring Question?

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions on measuring my doses for my next cycle. Ok, here's the cycle Test. Enanthate -500 mgs per week for 10 weeks(250 mg amps/ICN Galenika), Deca -400 mgs per week for 10 weeks(Organon yellow cap vials/2 ml or 200 mgs) and dbol but I have no questions on dbol. So I know this might seem like a stupid question and I've done two other cycles before but my source told me exactly how many cc's and mgs per week and everything because no matter how much I read about dosing I can never understand it. Here's my questions: 1. for the test I take 500 mgs per week and the amps are 250 mgs each, so would I take it two shots a week or one? and if its two shots would I use a whole amp per shot and will that whole amp fill a 3 cc syringe or would I have to use a 5 cc syringe. also does it matter when and what days I take the shots, my last cycles, I took my shots on Sunday and Wednesday nights before I went to bed after a shower or should I cycle the days. 2. for the Deca, I'll be taking 400 mgs per week and the vials I got are 100mg/ml and they're 2 ml vials so that would make them 200 mgs. so would I take one or two shots a week with this too and again if two shots would I use one vial per shot and what size syringe would I need 3 or 5 cc? same thing here with the days I shoot? also does it matter if I take say the test shot and then right after the deca shot or different times. I'm sorry for sounding like a complete idiot when it comes to shit like this but on my other cycles I took Eq as the only injectable and the rest was orals and my source gave me the exact schedule and doses for shots because I told him that I really couldn't understand how to convert mgs or mls into cc's, and I've read Billy boy's thread in the Edu. Forum but still can't get it through my head. I'm just plain horrible when it comes to math, its always been that way for me. Well, I would just like say, I"m SORRY for the length of this thread and I know all of you don't want to sit there and read all this shit but I really need help with this so I don't fuck up when it comes cycle time. So I would appreciate it very much if any of you bro's can give some kind of reply or advice, cause I really need it. Thanks again.

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    take 1 amp of test and 1 amp of deca 2x wk (sunday / thursday) any time of the day its convenient for you

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