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    Lightbulb Newbie need questions please.

    Hello guys I just started lifting and I'd Like to know a couple things. I seriously want to start using steroids except I have one conflict I'm not sure about and that is I took prednisone for my stomach serveral years back and it caused serious problems in my hips/knees had operation on both of each and its been hell. Anyhow I'm wondering if I took a steroid to lift weights would it cause the same effect as prednisone did? Another thing is if it would cause the same effects I'm thinking of taking T-100 by san its a anabolic activator you can get at gnc or other supplement places so from what I've heard its legal roid and anyhow I'm wondering for a roid alternitive would this be a good choice. Anyhow I'd like to take the real thing but have to figure out my facts first.. THanks in advance

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    We need to know the following:

    Age, height, weight, training experience, and typical days diet.

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    There are no true "legal roids" These products are meant to trick people into thinking they are almost as good as roids, using similar names packaging etc, in effect, they have virtually no anabolic effect and are useless garbage.

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    man if you just started to train don't bother with AS just work out hard and see what happens maybe you'll get huge. And if you have already had problem with types of medication just forget about it and be happy with what you have naturally.

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    KK thx

    Yah well if My doc says it will be ok then ill try to cycle the real stuff I really wanna get jacked. Far as the anabolic activator or androstat or what ever this stuff is- the bottle says 5a androst-1-ene-3-one-17-ol-ether 100mg. Anyhow some ppl at the gym I go to swear by it and others say its shit. So in one lump sum do you guys think this legal roid supplement is just a waste of money, I read some older post and I think most of you think its waste of money and its crap. So what I'm thinking is this either find out whats in that prednisone compared to a real roid and ask my doc or just take what I been planning on and thats whey protein and celltech aka good creatine i've heard. Any more helpful info I really appreciate it alot and thanks in advance.

    ps. I'm 23, 200lbs 6,1 4 days a week soon to be 5 not sure about body fat.
    ps2. any other supplements you guys swear by fill free to give me advice I really wanna get as jacked as I can thanks.

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    ALL PROHORMONES ARE SHIT!!!!! I swear, dont ever waste any money on that garbage, all it does is increase test for about 2 hours, which is not long enough to grow, but long enough to make estrogen. Basically, it is possible to get none of the positives of AS but all the negatives of use. In my opinion, if your abcessed with roids, you should still go through about 3 years of hard core training, because you'll make better gains when you take em after that due to an enhanced knowledge of training and diet.

    PS - anyone who swears by a prohormone does so for one of two reasons:

    1. They are taking the real thing and attempting to cover it up by claiming they are still taking all legal supplements (Mark Mcgwire)
    2. They are morons who are recieving a very slight placebo effect.


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    Mate, Bigb hit the nail right on the head..

    if you have just started training, then dont even consider steroids , you will grow like a weed naturall for a long time , get ur diet, training and sleeping patterns right first..

    if u just cycle now, you wont gain shit all, as you have to have the other things sorted first before AS will be of any use..

    and u saying stuff like "I just wanna get as jacked as i can" and just using steroids as a way to try and instantly get those results definalty says ur not ready bro..

    This is not meant as a flame, just stick around, learn more, and train hard naturally first before taking thr big step..


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